Laser Engraving Fume and Extractors:

Laser engraving substances such as lacquer, paint, coatings and other surfaces create hazardous fumes and dust. A Purex Fume Extractor not only helps to ensure compliance with International Health and Safety Standards but also protect the equipment and deliver real cost savings to the production process.

The Purex Filtration Solution:

There are four types of Fume Extraction Systems
Jorlink offers Purex's extensive range of fume extraction solutions. These range from machines to protect a single person to powerful centralised systems to cater for multiple users or high volume continuous automated processes (e.g. a PCB production 

Digital Systems
Purex fume extractors with the Digital Control System offer both the performance and inbuilt in safety features to help ensure people are protected from hazardous fumes. The status of the system is shown on a clear graphic display which is simple to use and easy to understand. More on Purex Digital Fume Extraction Systems
Analogue Systems

A budget version of the Digital system but with many excellent features. This system is supplied on the FumeCube, FumeBuster, Alpha and Xbase fume extractors.More on Purex Analogue Fume Extraction Systems

Captivair™ Systems
High performance fume extraction systems specifically for wide format, UV and dye sublimation printing applications.
Ink fumes from printers can cause headaches and nausea but also an unpleasant working environment and so they should be controlled......




Purex Fume Extractor Brochure







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